it's more than just website design; developing Internet strategies to create website through SEO on search engines and web marketing.

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WEB DESIGN Creator Of Website And Online Store

FIRST MEDIA has many years of experience in web design, with a team of web designers create, integrators and developers. FIRST MEDIA is available for all your internet creations, personal or professional at unbeatable prices.

FIRST MEDIA designs unique and personalized to the needs and tastes of its customers web designs. Designing a website today is an essential complement to your traditional marketing activities. We provide all the tools to promote your business and to motivate the target audience to immediately contact you.

  • We provide the model of your website made ​​by our web designer.
  • XHTML / CSS complies with W3C rules and optimized for SEO with our integrator.
  • Specific Integrated Flash animations, modules or script (mailing, newsletters, online store.)
  • Development and CMS configuration by our developer.
  • PHP Development specific.
  • Free training on the back office of your website.
  • Many other services on request ...
  • Responsive Desktop Computer, Laptop, Mobile, Tablet

    Adapting a responsive web site allows you to adjust the design and usability of a website to ensure adequate navigation experience. FIRST MEDIA specializes in the creation and development of solutions for mobile platforms. Our expertise is deployed on all types of projects related to mobile phones and tablet computers, whether the creation of a website responsive or mobile applications. We are implementing mobile solutions that are designed to offer the best possible access to your information and the contents of your website.

    WEBDESIGN Graphic Designer, Web Designer For Your Creations Graphic

    You need a Web site, a new interface or a new graphic ?
    FIRST MEDIA can design a unique and personalized website to the needs and preferences of its customers. Designing a website today is an essential complement to your traditional marketing activities. We provide you all the tools to let you know immediately and motivate the target audience to contact you. FIRST MEDIA offers a unique design at unbeatable prices. You will have a unique and original web site, with a well crafted in every detail graphic design, specially created for your target audience. Your website will have a look and a design that will reflect the professionalism of its content and your services.

  • Competitive Analysis.
  • Graphic Design of the layout of your website by our web designer.
  • Animation, Flash intro or banner.
  • Graphics Pub Grid.
  • We will notify you each advance, and ask your opinion on each of them, to ensure you get a product that you are completely satisfied.
  • And many more services upon request ...

    E-commerce website Conception.

    Proper planning, and ease of use

    Setting up an e-commerce site for your business requires careful planning and correctly. To choose the right software, to sending your first invoice - everything must be thought out and tested. This is where I come! It's my job to explain your options in simple language, advice, mentor and make sure you get it right the first time.

    To give you an idea of ​​the essence, here's what you will need at least to manage your e-commerce site. Each feature should be easy for you to use - you need to feel in control and should not be frightened by the admin side of the site. it is important that we build only the features that you need and nothing more. Lets keep it simple !.


    Our experienced web developer will take care of everything for programming, configuration, and security of your site.

  • Development static website, dynamic website, online store.
  • Adaptation plugins, modules and components.
  • Configuration and commissioning of the CMS content
  • Development specific PHP / Mysql and JavaScript.
  • Training on the back office of your website.
  • And many other services upon request.
  • ecommerce

    E-commerce site features

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  • Sell products, services or content
  • products with options (size, color, etc)
  • downloadable products
  • Combine and bundle products
  • Show related products
  • Show more photos
  • Stock monitoring
  • Search products
  • Sales and Promotion
  • Automatic alerts inventory down
  • Price membership
  • Unlimited categories
  • Product Reviews
  • Taxable and no taxable
  • Handling costs
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  • flat shipping per order
  • flat shipping per item
  • free shipping
  • Rate table for weight and destination
  • The rate of the
  • Rate Threshold
  • By localization rate
  • Delivery confirmation of purchase by email
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  • Add by-product sales prices, with optional dates on sale
  • Create coupons
  • Discounts for specific product categories
  • Quantity discounts on (buy X get 10% off)
  • Buy XY get free discount
  • Restrict discounts to products not already on sale
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  • See the Orders
  • Delete Orders
  • Print Invoices
  • Print slip
  • Export Orders to Excel
  • Email confirmation
  • Accepting conditions before ordering
  • Minimum and maximum quantities
  • .